Angelina Jolie Diet Plan Workout Routine

Angelina Jolie Diet Plan

Question: When you are fasting, are drinks allowed?
Answer: Absolutely! The only exception would be if you have a real problem drinking too much. I drank coffee with cream, and one soda or a glass of fruit juice in the afternoon. But only if I desired it. Don’t make fasting too hard on yourself! We are sowing control with our eating not a complete fast. We are looking for lifetime changes in our eating patterns. Total fasting could hardly become a lifetime eating pattern.

Question: How do you feel about diet foods?
Answer: For the most part, I believe it is a mistake to use diet products. They tend to promote the thinking, “It is always all right to eat this because it is low in calories;” or the idea, “I can eat all I want because it is low calorie.” You are not relearning your God given hungry and full responses.
I also believe that diet foods have a much lower ability to satisfy. I never used any diet products during the time of my weight loss. It was a joy to be able to eat “real food” for the first time without condemnation. And, I found them much more satisfying.

Question: I have over one hundred pounds to lose. Will this work for me?
Answer: Yes and no. Yes, healing is available; and no, I do not feel that fasting one meal a day will meet your total need. The greatest success seems to come by cutting down to one meal a day. Almost every person who has had over one hundred pounds to lose has told me they find it just as easy to cut back to one meal.

Also, increase your vegetable intake with your meal. Many people with over one hundred pounds to lose don’t eat any vegetables at all! This is far from the “moderation” which Scripture teaches. God can change your desire for certain foods!
Believe God for a change in the foods you really enjoy.

If your budget has been tight, and you have leaned toward starchy menus because of this, you will be able to afford meats you could not afford before. When you eliminate one or two meals a day, you will see quite a savings at the grocery store. One lady told me, “I was actually shocked to realize how much I was spending on food.” One couple said they were able to afford steaks for the first time in their marriage! This doesn’t mean you should cut out all starches. But avoid meals that use starches, such as macaroni and cheese, as a main dish. Eat all things but in moderation.

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