Angelina Jolie Diet Recipe

4 sheep’s trotters Salt
1 lemon A tablespoon vinegar
3 cloves garlic A tablespoon finely chopped
A tablespoon olive oil parsley

Scrub the trotters clean under running water and then cover them with cold water and bring them to the boil; throw this water away and cover with fresh water together with the lemon rind, one clove of garlic, crushed, one tablespoonful of olive oil and salt. Simmer this for three or four hours, skimming if necessary.

These trotters require long slow cooking and could be put in the slow oven of an Aga or Rayburn overnight. When they are sufficiently cooked, remove all the meat and put it on a serving dish with a little of the broth. Pour over them a sauce made with vinegar, the remaining two cloves of garlic, crushed, and parsley, simply mixed together or some yogurt with a little paprika sprinkled on it.


Angelina Jolie Diet Recipe

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