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FOR EFFORT Angie and Brad were gung-ho about promoting their film By the Sea which made its failure all the more disappointing. She’s humiliated, says a source.

No matter what Angelina Jolie is going through be it the aftermath of an elective double mastectomy or simply the day-to-day as the mother of six kids the Oscar-winning actress always appears composed and at ease, as though no melodrama were powerful enough to shift a hair out of place.

But sources say Angelina, 40, has become as self-doubting in private as she is self-assured in public a fact that her ever-frail body is unable to conceal. She looks sick, and everyone is worried, reports an insider. She’s not taking care of herself, and her friends fear something serious is going on. 

Angelina approached the recent debut of her film By the Sea which she wrote, directed and starred in alongside hubby Brad Pitt with typical poise, telling the New York Times, I know some people are going to hate it. 

But it was far more than some people. A critical tongue-lashing followed the film’s release, with one reviewer deeming it a languid piece of would-be art cinema that has no reason for being. Another declared it an unabashed vanity project that struggles to turn its own beautiful inertia into a virtue. Angelina may not act bothered, hut sources say the movie, a deeply personal labor of love inspired by the .’007 passing of her mom, Marcheline Bertrand, in fact had a lot riding on it.

She’s become convinced her career is souring, says an insider, who adds that Angie saw the film as a chance to prove herself especially after last year’s Sony email hack caught execs Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin referring ro her as minimally talented and ‘an actress for hire. 

She pretends that didn’t faze her; she even claimed she never read the emails, says an insider. But actually, she was horrified by them. 

The source adds that while Angie casually blames a busy schedule for her less-than-robust physique, Brad and the kids can see that she looks like she’s going to break. (Even a star of her 2014 film, Unbroken, remarked in an interview on his director’s unhealthy appearance during filming. Says the source, Angelina’s wellbeing can’t continue to play second fiddle to her career and the sooner she realizes that, the better. 

Forget reality has-beens on Dancing with the Stars; how about a prince? “Harry never misses an episode, spills an aide, “and he’d love to enter a contest that gives him the chance to show off his moves. Sadly, the show isn’t the Queen’s cup of Earl Grey. Says the source: “He’ll have to make do with the palace ballroom. 

Longtime Spice Girls fan Harry looks most like Ginger (Geri Halliwell) and once crushed on Baby (Emma Bunton), but it’s Posh who has his ear. One former aide says Harry, 31, calls Victoria Beckham regularly for advice. He’s rung her at 3 AM, the staffer says. No one in his life talks straight to him, but she’s direct He loves it 

One look at his exes Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas and it’s clear Harry favors the fair of hair. But one guard says his golden preference veers into kinky territory, like when he brought a blonde wig for a brunette date to wear! Second date, anyone?

In a heartwarming tribute to his late beloved mom, Harry keeps four pairs of Princess Diana’s heels locked in a box in his suite. When he was about 8, hed watch his mother get ready to go out, and he loved watching the final step: her slipping on her shoes just before leaving, says one source. Now he keeps a few pairs to remember her by.”

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