Anna Ewers for Mango Spring 2015 Campaign

But it is particularly stimulating for someone who is developing a style. Go to the theater, read a good book, listen to music, wander through flea markets, thumb through history books, and browse through museums. Above all, daydream. These are not trivial pastimes. They are a means of making connections and of gathering inspiration. You can’t invent anything of any consequence without them much less yourself. Dressing Down A lot has been said about dressing up, but very little about dressing down.

Anna Ewers for Mango Spring 2015 Campaign

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Glorious Technicolour Records

Award-winning British composer releases her mesmerising and unique debut album One ofthe most unusual releases of this year. An infectious and somewhat soothing quality; award-winning British composer Sarah spent five years crafting this one. It has a folk core and, on paper, I wasn’t sure it was a fit for my ears or this magazine. When I gave it a go, I was hooked. The 15 tracks flow seamlessly as neighbours, a lot to be said for her choice of producer, Jay Newland of Norah Jones and Gregory Porter fame. The two made this beautiful album together in Connecticut.

Isle of Wight born Sarah left University with a music degree and was soon asked to compose the score for a film called ‘The Weekend.’ That brought her to the attention of Sir George Martin, who signed her to his music company to guide her career. She went on to compose and produce the album, AURORA with all-girl choir Cantamus, which spent several months in the UK classical chart and saw her nominated for a Classical Brit Award.

Class wrote for and arranged the number one album PURE for Hayley Westenra, wrote the music for the BBC/Harvey Weinstein feature film ‘The Meerkats.’ Sarah composed for the BBC series Madagascar, which won the Emmy for Outstanding Contributon to Music & Sound. In 2012, she composed and produced the music for the BBC/Discovery nature series ‘Africa’, narrated by Sir David Attenborough; nominated for the 2014 Emmy for Outstanding Contribution to Music & Sound. Despite her classical training, Sarah only learned to sing and play guitar in 2007. Her EP, A NEW DAWN, came out in 2010.

Sarah Class has a dreamy, ethereal quality to her voice – which puts me in mind of Sally Oldfield and perhaps Clannad and Enya territory too. I Wish from this new release will appear in the Terramater film ‘Brothers Of The Wind’ starring Jean Reno, out at Christmas. UNITY is utterly adorable and should prompt Ms Class to buy a bigger trophy cabinet. File under Class. Simon Redley

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