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There’s really no need to keep buying another version of what you already own. Just change the accessories. That same black dress from three years ago will look much different with current shoes. Buy Basics for Less Once you’ve ID’d your bigger purchases, fill in with lower priced items that are signature staples. Items you replace each seasonjeans, tees, leggingscan be low, says Easley. Add in tights, hats, and scarves and you can easily buy up a batch of stylish basics that will round out your winter wardrobe with enough variation to make it feel new. The meaty part of the outfitthe dress, top, bottomis where there’s room to play, be creative, and save, says designer Rachel Roy.

Anna Torv Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Anna Torv Info Chart

Style Name Anna Torv
Style Birth; April 15, 1978
Style From; Melbourne, Australia
Style Occupations; Actress
Style Relationship; Single

Anna Torv

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