Anne Hathaway Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Salt is a chemical compound consisting of two ele mentssodium and chlorine. It’s the sodium that causes you ali the trouble.

As you know, your body is compösed of billions of cells ali massed together to create your physical being.
When salt enters your body, it forces water out of your cells and pushes it into the surrounding tissues and gaps between your cells. Because your cells must have water, they cali on your body to replace what was taken, and they suck it in from wherever they can get it, putting enormous pressure on the rest of your body.

Your body goes on alert. Water, which would normally be used in other body processes, is now diverted to slake your cells’ thirst, Most of that water will be appropriated from the foods you eat because your cells’ needs override ali others.

Your body normally passes on most of the water it gets from food to help in the digestion process, especially elim ination. It’s a constant cleansing process. Water expedites a continual flushing out of your system, ridding it of vvastes and potential fat. However, when there is a high concentration of salt in your system, the water thickens and the food and wastes get stuck and can’t pass out of your body.

Anne Hathaway Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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