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Anthony Hopkings

The Silence of the Lambs prequel Red Dragon, and he does a lot of takes. But he was good for me because I wanted to make this Lecter guy even more dangerous than before more vicious, cut out all the cutesy stuff and he got me to that point. Speakingof being vicious, you were known in your early Hollywood days as one of the baddest boys in town, weren’t you?

I was just drunk all the time, and I got into fights I’m a bad boy still, but I’m sober.

Now I’m just rawly cynical because I don’t buy into all the bullshit. I mean, there are millions of people who go on quietly with their work, and then you read about these asshole actors who talk about [rolls eyes] this and that and you think, “Give us a fucking break!” It’s all bullshit whining, and I carry around a whine-free zone.

Fu n ny that though you were the protege of the greatest theater actor ofthem all, Laurence Olivier, you’ve said, “I only ever wanted to do movies.” Why?

’Cause I was captivated and during the war years they were theonly escape.

So I saw all the Warner Brothers movies, cowboy movies, Gary Cooper, John Wayne. And I remember when I was 15,1 met Richard Burton on a Saturday morning in [Hopkins’s hometown of] Port Talbot ] Wales]. He’d been raised just a few streets j away from me, sol went to his house, asked for an autograph, and as I was walking back home afterward, he drove past with [first wife] Sybil, and she waved to me. [awestruck] I thought, “I’ve gotta get out of, this place I want to be like him: I want to be rich and famous and meet movie stars.” Congratulations that’s the most honest answer I’ve ever heard from a major star about why he or she got into this racket.

Look, acting is a fantastic life. But I don’t have any illusions about [the business]. And, see, the funny thing is, when I was a kid, I was a real idiot but I had this artistic leaning. So I just stumbled into this j business. It’s, like… well, you know those trucks that used to come across America with all the drifters during the Depression? That’s what I feel like like, I was a hobo and there were these guys playing this crap game, and I said, “Can I join in?” smiles, then quietly chuckles Well, I joined in and just never got off the truck.

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