There are a number of important antioxidants that are not classified as basic vitamins, minerals or amino acids. However, the role that some of them play in strengthening immunity and protecting against cancer is striking. Of particular importance are the following: anthocyanidian religions, especially resveratrol, which gives the blue / red color of the grape and pancake, especially the small grained fruit; Coenzyme Q10, which helps ‘recycle’ vitamin E (protect it for longer use) and protects the cells from harmful oxidants; Lipoic acid which helps to recycle vitamin C; And carotenoids such as lycopene, which are abundant in baked tomatoes with lutein associated with betacarotene. Similar to vitamin E (also called tocopherol), tocotrienols are found in seeds and nuts. As more and more active chemicals are discovered in natural foods, the day that foods become the best medicine is getting clearer.

Although there are people who say that they have survived cancer with changes they have made to nutrition, nutritional therapy is never claimed to ‘cure’ cancer. The body can prepare the most favorable environment for the body to regain your health (especially the immune system) to your cancer against cancer. What is advocating cancer in a healthy individual is the immune system, which can be very powerful when necessary, and is responsible for the natural regressions (remission) that can occur during the illness.

It is also possible to stimulate the immune system with a straightforward mental approach. On the other hand, emotional factors such as long-term depression or grief Chapter 9) suppress the immune system and reduce the resistance of the person to cancer and other diseases.

Viruses and cancer

A few rare viruses can trigger cancer, but apparently they do not cause it to happen. For example, Kaposi’s sarcoma (a type of cancer that is more commonly seen in AIDS patients) is caused by situations in which the HIV virus, rather than itself, causes the immune system of this virus to drop strongly. In cervical cancer, which is a more common type of cancer in women with multiple sexual partners, papillomavirus plays a role in almost all cases. But the only reason for the disease is not this virus. There are a few rare viruses that are linked to rare types of cancer, but they are only one ring of cancer causing causal pathways.

Just say; In the vast majority of cancers, there is no evidence that viruses are responsible. Whatever it is, following these tips will help strengthen your immune system and thus reduce the harmful effects of viruses the least.

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