Are You Loyal To The Relationship?

Arranging Your Friends

If you want to find a man because of the homeless syndrome (women think they can not marry for life), then ask your friends for advice. Of course, if you do not hate your friend’s love. Because then you can not trust his pleasure. You might be lucky that young couples will have many friends who want to get married. What your married friends will want most is to bring the single, like you, to the institution of marriage. The fewer single girls stay outside, the more comfortable they are with their choices.

Use it to let your friends set you up or ask them to go out with you so you can find someone. While he thinks you are doing good, you will have the comfort of knowing that he can not take care of your favorite man. So everybody wins.

Making a Friend a Friend

It’s a hard place. If your friend is not trying to arrange you, especially one, he thinks you will not fit together. Look at it from his perspective. Setting up your friend has many advantages and disadvantages …


Eros will take on the role and make both of his friends happy. They will love him and buy him a lot of drinks. Even the firstborn child is even likely to be a godmother.


When two friends fall in love with each other, they can no longer look for common friends. If you leave, you may be asked to choose a party. Two close friends will have to organize their program in order to meet each other again. Or the man he has set for his friend will find himself feeling something, or he will fall in the position of a bitch, or the heart will be broken. So, if you intend to enter a friend’s address book, make sure that he does not have a passion for the man.

Arranging Your Friends

Other influences that we have mentioned before are caused by chemicals such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and phenylethylamine PEA, which give us a feeling of emotion.

If your body chemistry only affects us in the first moments of your relationship, and you begin to rejoice that we will open our eyes later, be firmly struck by one bad news! After romantic love has overcome the period of intense sexual intercourse, people become connected or even dependent on each other; The reason for this is endorphins and oxytocin and vasopressin! Psychologically, these chemistries have features that make their pairs “dependent” on one another; Just like a mother’s newborn baby!

This bond, which is formed based on the chemistry among people, The duration of the secretion of these hormones is only a few years; That is, the length of time a baby will grow up. Unfortunately, there are only two of those who establish a particular relationship with it.
This information is often perceived as extremely depressing and cold information for many people. Who is a boat, who wants to be defeated by nature?

These thoughts are sure to freak out, but knowing them does not mean that you do not have to believe in love and romance. Just as we know what molecules the water is made of, it does not prevent us from tasting the water … It does not mean that we can not get a taste of love from knowing how the human mechanism works.

Considering these, putting our biological wishes and desires on the edge and looking at the person we are facing from the outside, perhaps one of the first rules of making wife choice right. If the person you see is someone who has features that you like and are looking forward to, besides being your love, then it can be a lot of fun to sit back and sip your love, your hormones and your love.

Are You Loyal To The Relationship?

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