Ashley Greene Workout and Diet Tips

Frankly, was the asparagus or the salad worth it?


• Hamburger with everything on it
• Quiche
• Canneloni
• Spaghetti and meatballs
• Club sandwich
• Linguini with elam sauce
• Tunasalad sandwich
• Comed beef on rye
• Pizza

How far can you streteh the rules? Each individual is different. The bottom line is that the carb in the miscombination won’t digest properly. This does not mean you can’t ever have those things you really love, but, rather, that you will carefully choose the occasions and make them count.

Because a miscombination always ineludes protein, any meal that follows it on the same day must be a protein meal preferably a Mono Protein. If you had a miscombination at breakfast, it’s protein for the rest of the day.

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