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Taurus April 20-May 20 ‘Vou can’t avoid the clashes triggered by adverse aspects between the hotheaded Mars, stern Saturn and manipulative Pluto, which continue until May 10. Fortunately, they illuminate perplexing situations. So when, after the Taurus New Moon on the 12th, you’re feeling both reflective and restless, you have plenty to think about. Explore even seemingly unrealistic options. True, with Mercury retrograde from mid-May, information is unreliable. But it’s only after the intense planetary activity of the 26th brings changes in business and financial situations that your options and priorities are clear.

Gemini May2l-June20 Last August, when Saturn in Gemini challenged Pluto, you began a cycle of personal questioning and far-reaching changes. On May 26 these planets clash again, ending a period of disarray with spectacular offers. By then you’ll have dealt with the practical, financial and personal difficulties accented by early May’s intense planetary activity. On the 15th, your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde, highlighting any unresolved questions. Saturn has taught you to tackle problems swiftly. Thus, by the month’s end issues are put to rest, and you’re celebrating changes you once swore you’d never make.

Cancer june2i-june22 Your challenge is not so much dealing with early May’s dramatic changes as it is managing your tendency to view them in a bleak light. And some developments will bring important cycles to a close. However, with the bountiful Jupiter in Cancer until early August, you can be sure that endings will usher in new beginnings. Just what shape these will take remains unclear until after the remarkable events of the 26th, which not only change your way of living and working, along with your priorities, but alter everyone else’s, too. After that, you’re making plans as exciting as they are dramatic.

astIcdO July 23-August 22 It’s not that you oppose the changes demanded by early May’s intense planetary activity. It’s just that you can’t see how they’ll fit in with existing arrangements. After the New Moon of the 12th, however, you view circumstances and your role in them from a fresh perspective. Reassured that changes are wise, you’re ready to proceed. But between the confusion that accompanies Mercury retrograde, from the 15th, and still more dramatic developments, you’re better off viewing all arrangements as tentative. Only after the life-changing events of the 26th can plans be considered lasting.

Virgo August 23-September 22 Ever since last August’s unsettling developments events that shook up your domestic life and working life you’ve wisely viewed all arrangements as provisional. Consequently you’re unlikely to be ruffled by the sudden changes triggered by planetary activity during May’s first 10 days. Dramatic as these are, they only foreshadow the events that accompany a repeat of last year’s clash between Saturn and the planet of transformation, Pluto, on the 26th. Plan if you must. But only after May’s close will you know the full extent of the changes and the opportunities that await you.

]Eal33ra September 23 October 22 Go along with dramatic but ultimately worthwhile changes, and you sail through the tricky events that can cause others so much trouble. True, you may have to reorganize elements of your business or financial life, or even relinquish one set of goals in favor of another. Be understanding when loved ones withdraw to deal with their own developments, and you only end up closer. Most important, with Mercury retrograde between May 15 and June 8, discussions achieve little and decisions are best delayed. Live and love in the moment, and things are good.

Scorpio October 23-November 21 By the 26th, when Saturn forms the last in a series of three potent aspects to your ruler, Pluto, both your options and your perspective will have changed radically. This cycle began last August, and since then you’ve witnessed a transformation in elements of your life you thought stable. Consequendy, you’re unlikely to be ruffled, even by early May’s unsettling crosscurrents, which influence your personal, romantic, financial and working life. Initially you battle changes, but you soon realize they bring a kind of happiness that previously seemed elusive.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21 Usually you are the one behind changes. But with the powerful planetary lineup accenting close partners or emotional ties, decisions are now in the hands of others. Just how they’ll handle these becomes clear during early May’s potent aspects. Even then, their decisions are by no means final. The real turning point is the 26th, when the Sagittarius Full Moon brings personal and joint issues to a head: Sudden changes in circumstances indicated by Saturn’s rare aspect to Pluto force all concerned to rearrange plans, altering your vision of the future yet again.

Capricorn December 22-January 19 By the time this month comes to a close, you’ll be viewing your life and yourself in a new and very different light. By then, you will have faced unceremonious changes in your domestic and career setups. These alterations begin with powerful aspects involving your ruler, Saturn, and Pluto, planet of rebirth, during the first 10 days of May. But it’s not until the 26th, when Saturn has the last of three confrontations with Pluto, that situations or priorities are clear. After that, suddenly life is easy and a previously unobtainable happiness is within reach.

Aquarius January 20-February 17 May won’t necessarily be an easy month. Bj the month’s sagas won’t bother you if you kej in mind that your circumstances and ob;^ tives remain unclear until the 26th wid fantastic planetary activity, including a supd aspect to your ruler, Uranus, ties everything i nicely. True, dramas involving individuals activities that you love take their toll during d month’s first 10 days. And with Mercury red grade from the 15th, discussions produce evi more confusion. Focus on enjoying what y< have, and by the month’s close you realize jd how good life is.

PiSCeS February 18-March 19 \ou don’t particularly mind the changes sweq ing through your life. In fact, some are ovend j But you do object to the cavalier way i which others are handling certain decisioi about your career, lifestyle or long-ten security. Register your complaints. But do i after this cycle of dramatic changes ends, wth Saturn clashes with Pluto on the 26th. By th* you’ll have heard every imaginable optic* More important, your own considerab improved position allows you to m=l demands that only weeks before would has been impossible.

Aries March 20-April 19 Difficult planetary activity involving your ruk Mars, the humorless Saturn and uncomp rom ing Pluto during May’s first 10 days triggf unfair demands or restrictions. Your instinct is go into battle mode, but challenges get y< nowhere. Be inquisitive and you’re soon learri from seemingly impossible circumstance Insights begin around the New Moon on tl 12th. Then the chaos that accompanies Mercu retrograde, from the 15th, exposes past mistak Of greatest significance are the life-changi] offers ushered in by late May’s aspects betwa your ruler, Mars, and the innovative Uranus.

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