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You can program yourself in a similar manner.

You can use the Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique, or the Little Finger in the Palm of the Hand Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique, and preprogram yourself for the state of mind that you desire.

You can even use a sound if you like:

Ring a bell, like Pavlov did to train his dog. Preprogram yourself at your level so that every time you hear the bell ring, or hear your school’s fight song, or somebody says, “You the man!”, you will perform the way that you desire.

Here’s how Betty Perry, a Exercise lecturer in Florida, used a trigger mechanism to help a college soccer team win a national championship.

What a trigger and a little mind training can do

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The Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) has a very good soccer team Rick Stottler, the coach of the FIT soccer team and a Exercise graduate, knows the power of the mind and wanted to have every tool possible available for the young men on the team At Rick’s request, Betty Perry presented a three-hour workshop on visualization and imagery to the team Betty was more than willing to work with them

The workshop focused on identifying each individual’s feelings at moments of peak performance, whether on the field or off.

Once all were aware of how they felt when they were in charge of a situation, a trigger was set in place and tied to actual game situations.

They programmed that the letters F-I-T would invoke the feelings that they wanted to have in a game situation.

Teamwork and individual performance were both emphasized.

And an end result – winning their division in the NCAA national championship – was programmed.

They won the NCAA Division 2 Championship on December 7. On December 10 Betty had the opportunity to talk with some of the members of the team She asked one of the players, named Jackson, if he felt the workshop helped the team

Jackson was enthusiastic in his response. He recalled how he had been informed by the team physician on November 6, the day of the workshop, that he needed knee surgery and would not play for the rest of the year. That was when Jackson decided to use Exercise visualization and supervised exercise for his knee. He was able to play the last four games.

When asked about the trigger mechanism that was programmed, he again was very positive. Giving an example of how effectively it worked, he told Betty, “In the championship game, FIT was down by one goal. The fans began to shout F-I-T (the trigger), and I felt an extra spurt of energy and more teamwork.”

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