Bar Refaeli Diet Plan Workout Routine

Bar Refaeli Diet Plan

While the evidence is compelling that innumerable conditions normally termed “psychiatric” are actually cases of metabolic distortion, the ultimate result of poor diet, psychoanalytically oriented therapists need not fear that we propose to replace the psychiatrist’s couch with vitamins.
Nutritional therapy does not provide the ifisight and emotional understanding many people still need once their metabolic imbalances are corrected. Psychological counseling is often necessary to overcome bizarre “learned behaviors” which, after years of nutrient impoverishment, have become inflexible responses to stress. Standard psychological therapy is most valuable when the patient is no longer the victim of distorted metabolic perception when he is free to accept and act upon the wisdom being offered.

Psychodietetics does show, however, many cases in which a change in diet brought about remarkable recovery on the part of patients suffering from schizophrenia, alcoholism, drug dependency, psychoses, depression, and other serious problems. The fact of these recoveries is certain to bring new hope to other mentally burdened people.

The reports of less seriously troubled people, who are nervous, tense, jittery, overanxious, overweight, underweight, or overtired and have been dramatically helped by modifications in diet will inspire many to make similar adjustments in the way they eat.

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