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Barbara Palvin Diet Plan

From Food to Mood: What Psychodietetics Is All About

Any important “new idea” has to go through three stages: first ridicule, then discussion, and finally, general acceptance.
Psychodietetics introduces the revolutionary idea that a host of emotional problems, presently mislabeled “mental are actually rooted in improper diet and nutrition. The concept that emotional complaints can be prevented, treated, and cured by improved nutrition now hovers somewhere between the stages of ridicule and discussion. This book is primarily an effort to accelerate into general acceptance the principle that food nutrients are the key to emotional health, so that millions of Americans, beset by a host of misdiagnosed, nutritionally caused emotional ailments, can benefit.

Medical investigators have known for many years that severe nutritional deficiencies cause severe mental illness. In recent years, a number of innovative researchers examining less serious mental conditions have found evidence supporting their suspicion that the twilight zones of emotional distress also are caused or worsened by malfunctions of the body’s nutritional machinery. Most recently, a few researchers have discovered that certain people are genetically predisposed to extra special nutrient needs.

Based on the mounting evidence that sound bio chemical principles underly the food to mood phenomenon, and that dietary nutrients have a profound . influence on the way we feel, think, respond to, and perceive the world around us, the authors conclude that nutritional therapy should be used as an adjunct to all other forms of mental therapy. In many of the cases weVe treated, diet alone “did the trick.” In others, various forms of therapy were combined with dietary adjustments to bring long term patients to full recovery.

The great danger facing the ideas put forth in Psychodietetics is not that they will be ridiculed, but that they will be so heartily accepted by a public overanxious for relief from its problems that many will leap to the false conclusion that diet alone can cure all ills.
It cannot.

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