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During the recession, the last big color blackout was accompanied by a boom in basics. While the Gap took off as the mass market counterpoint to intellectual minimalism and deconstruction, we all talked about unassuming clothes atoning for the excesses of the eighties. The difference now is that plainness has low to no appeal. It’s not going to be a swing back to Gap tees and a boiled felt clog, says Michael Kors with conviction. Every retailer I spoke to about changing American tastes was adamant that fashionnew, special, individualistic, exciting fashionis what will persuade us to part with money now. After buying so many labels in the past two years, we’ve all become acutely savvy in distinguishing the genuine from the copy, the well made from the thrown together, the piece of lasting value from the ephemeral trend. Having tasted luxury, we’re not going to let it go, but our definitions are becoming more sophisticated.

Barron Hilton Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Barron Hilton Info Chart

Style Name Barron Hilton
Style Birth; 1989
Style From; Unknown
Style Occupations; Student
Style Relationship; Single
A-List; B-List

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Barron Hilton Style Fashion & Looks

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