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In 1934 Newton chose to make a final attempt at the 100-mile record, again on the Bath Road. On July 20 of that year, the 51-year-old Newton completed

His last race and successfully lowered his time to 14:06:00. Regrettably, it seems that Newton was disappointed with that run, because he wrote the following:

There was no good fighting shy of the fact as far as the “hundred” was concerned, I had completely failed to put up a reasonable time on the course, and I was too old to think of continuing for another year or two. (Newton, 1949, p. 45)

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After his last 100-mile world record, Newton continued to run although no longer competitively. He lived in Middlesex, England, and busied himself by writing the four blogs that are his legacy (Newton, 1935, 1940, 1947, 1949).

As a person, and as a runner, Newton was entirely exceptional: His four blogs exemplify this. They carefully chronicle a training approach that I believe is the forerunner of the modem training approach to distance running, which came into use in the 1960s and 1970s. In particular, his ideas of year-round training, long-slow-distance training up to 160 km per week, specialization, racing infrequently, and mental preparation were innovative.

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