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(As far as I’m concerned, the two are synonymous good nutrition and good looks.)

Research done by the brains behind the beauties. The ones who ought to know. And do. And whatever they tell us, we’ll tell you.

This beauty blog isn’t going to be just another healthy food beauty blog either, though I believe in healthy food all right, for I grew up in the Old South. Not the antebellum South, but Old South enough so that the vegetables we had were fresh and often picked right out of the garden that very morning. The vitamins were still there. Frozen was not just a nutritionally dirty word it was an unknown word.

The bread served in our house was made in our house. For even in those days, my mother had her own crusade going against the gum-ball goo that passed (and unfortunately, still does) for “white bread.” And the cornmeal we used in our cornbread (what Southerner is without cornbread?) was the water-ground meal we often drove miles to find.
In those days, no one dreamed of such meal-monstrosities as fake cream for coffee, or imitation butter, or preservatives and more preservatives all intended to see food past its prime. Who wants food past its prime anyway?
Now, since I am not quite that old, you can see it hasn’t been so very long since people ate well.

So what happened? The age of quick food is upon us, and a meal, these days, usually consists of something that any self-respecting animal would reject. (In fact, it has been said that, thanks to the market value of farm animals, their food is healthier than our own.) Gives you food for thought, doesn’t it? And it brings to mind recent newspaper stories of a pair of college students who decided to dine on dog foods for a while. And found them tasty.
One problem, though. Dogs, too, are stuck with preservatives. And so they, too, are exposed to the cancer-causing additives just the same way we humans are the same irresponsible way, it would seem to me.

Today Americans live on such health-horrors as hamburgers, liberally larded with such additives and pre-dosed with the hormones that fattened the beef before it became hamburger. They are loaded with calories and cholesterol and, worse still, slapped between two parts of a gummy textured bun, from which most of the nutrients have been removed. And then that dolloped with a big blob of sugar-loaded catsup.

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