Beauty Trends for 2015 You’ll Love To Try

5 Beauty Trends for 2015 You’ll Love To Try

Cool it ‘in the winter you might be tempted by a long, warm bath or hot shower, but try to keep the temperature down slightly,’ says top IA dermatologist Dr Karyn Grossman.’The longer you stay in the shower, the drier your skin gets. Cooler water will boost your micro-circulation and give you a natural, healthy glow-especially if you’ve steamed first.
Choose a foundation that has a cream-to-powder formula. It will smooth on like a lotion and form a soft, velvety (but not cakey) finish. Apply with a finger, concentrating on areas that need the coverage most (nose and chin), and smooth outwards towards your cheeks and jawbone. Need extra help? Use concealer first. Apply to areas that look uneven and blend in with your finger. Set with a little translucent powder.
Pin curls give you soft, silky waves -just make sure you give yourself at least 20 minutes. When your hair’s almost dry, draw a side parting.Take half-inch sections and spritz on styling spray, then roll into individual curls and fix with hair clips. After 20 minutes, remove clips and smooth hair close to your head with a little moulding paste, tuck behind your ears and rake through curls with your fingers. Add a couple of kirby grips to the heavier side just above your ear. No time? Tong the mid-lengths to ends of your hair instead of doing pin curls.

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