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Vitamin B

Vitamin B is so basic to beauty that I cannot conceive of any would-be beautiful person not taking plenty of it. In the final section of this beauty blog, you will find more and more about vitamins and how complex they can be especially B, the most complex vitamin of all. There are so many parts to vitamin B, with more turning up every year, that it is difficult to break it down. Thank goodness, for I want you to learn to take it as complex as it comes, meaning take a B-complex capsule to keep on the safe side of the right proportions.

In the final chapter, I will give you the experts’ guidelines (you can always read ahead if you’re curious) on the proportions to take to keep the B’s working properly for your health and your beauty. When you’ve studied the situation further, you will also learn to study the labels on that vitamin B-complex and learn to choose the one that most closely matches the proportions suggested. I have seen enough empty B-complex capsules advertised (usually on “special sale”) to know that many are practically worthless. Even on “sale,” you’re still paying for nothing.

But B is the Big-Beauty-B. It simply helps everything. It nourishes your skin, soothes away tension lines. It makes your thyroid make that luminous skin we talked about. So get hold of some B and take plenty, and then remember to leave off that bad B booze because alcohol thrives on B vitamins. It literally eats them alive, so that if you re thinking of drinking, you’d better load up on extra B. Better still just lay off booze.

One more aspect of vitamin B that I didn’t know until recently: When you’re suntanning, you’re losing your B vitamins all the while. I would suggest that you down an extra B-complex capsule before you head for the beach.

And never forget that basic B is beautiful.

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