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Slow it down Fast eaters are often heavier than slow eaters, so try to spend more time over your meals. He’s less likely to rush through if you sit down together and talk about your days; heck, you could even light a few candles! Be his drinking buddy ‘When it comes to weight gain, alcohol is one of the biggest issues for men,’ says Jane Ogden. ‘If he has a beer every day, or a couple of glasses of wine every night, that’s a lot of empty kilojoules he won’t even think about,’ she explains. ‘Rather than nagging him, suggest that you limit booze to nights out and cut down on drinking at home.’ Asking him to go to the pub for a couple will make you seem like the woman of the year, but it’ll also mean he becomes more aware of the amount he’s drinking – not to mention the money he’s spending.

You could also try telling him that a glass of water between each beer is a great hangover remedy – nutritionists say the extra liquid intake will make him drink less beer and be less inclined to want takeaways on the way home! Feature Carrie Mitchell Photography Gallo Images/Getty Images ‘According to a recent survey by Magners, 2015 Wathether you’re whipping up delicious treats for yourself, your family or to wow your guests, there’s a lot of love and energy that goes into the baking process. But, let’s be honest, baking is not always a piece of cake – creaming butter, kneading dough, whipping cream and beating batter by hand can be a pain, literally.

Not to mention the stress of perfecting challenging masterpieces like a fluffy souffle or a flawless pavlova. Enter the ever-reliable Kenwood Chef Sense. Not only is it a multi-tasking marvel that can take your baking to another level, but it also saves you time by taking the effort out of baking – it’s like having a second pair of hands in the kitchen (hands that don’t make more mess)! Of course, the Kenwood Chef Sense comes with three bowl tools so you can make cakes and pastries, fold delicate mixtures that are light as air and knead dough at the touch of a button. With its sleek, easy-to-use design, it’s a stunning addition to your counter, and it boasts over 20 additional attachments that let you do almost anything in the kitchen, from blending your own smoothies to blowing dinner guests away with fresh home-made pasta. The Kenwood Chef Sense puts so many possibilities at your fingertips, you’ll have no excuse not to get your hands dirty.

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