Benefits Of Kegel Exercises During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Kegel Exercises During Pregnancy

Move your body

Pregnancy itself takes a toll on the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. The c-section causes even more stress to that area. This happens because a c-section can cut through some of the stomach muscles resulting in a pouch-like puffy stomach after delivery. It is recommended that you take atleast 6-8 weeks after a c-section before starting to move aggressively or exercise. Always talk to your doctor before starting any muscle toning exercises.

Walking is low impact exercise that burns calories and helps rev up your metabolism. Walking, like most exercises can help lift your mood and increase your energy, something you’ll need with all those sleepless nights. It is a good way for your baby to get some fresh air as well if you decide to take him or her with you. Using an elliptical machine, swimming or riding a bicycle are other low impact exercises.

Do not do sit-ups, curl ups, or crunches until after your doctor has given you approval. Be it yoga or aerobics, start slow but be consistent. How to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery home remedies? Some Abdominal Muscle Toning Poses that can be really helpful include:

1. Pelvic Tilt; Simply contract your abdominal muscles and use them to tilt your hips forward. These can be done sitting, standing, or laying down. Do these daily, or as often as you are physically able, to begin restoring your abdominal muscles and promote healing.

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2. Bridge; This exercise does not place excess strain on your c-section stitches, yet helps to tone the stomach. Start by lying on your back with your feet flat on the floor, with your legs hip-width apart. Straighten your arms at your sides with your palms on the floor. Contract your stomach muscles to lift your buttocks, then your stomach and then your middle back off the floor. Do not lift your shoulders off the ground. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then lower the body to the ground. Repeat four to eight times.

3. Lower Abdominal Slide; This exercise is especially beneficial for new moms after c-section because it targets the lower stomach muscles, which are affected by surgery. Start by lying on your back with your feet flat on the floor with your arms straight at your sides, palms facing down. Keep the pelvis tucked in to work the muscles. Contract your abdominal muscles to slide your right leg straight out, slowly and in a controlled motion. Use the muscles again to bring the leg in to your starting position. Repeat on the opposite leg, taking deep breaths as you do. Repeat three to five times on each leg.

4. Modified Cobra; The modified cobra also helps with the pelvic floor. Begin on your stomach with your palms on the floor next to your shoulders and elbows tucked into your ribs. Lift up your head and neck, not so much that it strains your back, and suck in your abs as if you were trying to lift your pelvis off the floor. Repeat four to eight times several times a week.

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