Best Beyonce Dresses 2015

“I love eating, and I have a problem with being skinny. But I think when you are 20 you should not have to think about what you eat. Like, you are 20 years old! But I realize that’s a sacrifice I have to make for movies.”

And while Beyonce says she’s happy to be so close to her parents and sister, she seems to be discovering the joys of being apart from them, too: Currently she’s scouting for her own place in Miami. “When I go home,” she says, “I can’t get away from Destiny’s Child my father’s the manager, my mother’s the stylist, my sister’s the dancer, my cousin’s the assistant.” She gestures across the table to young Angie, who’s been reading quietly through lunch but who looks up with a shy smile, confirming that she is indeed Beyonce’s cousin. “There are times when you don’t want to talk about work or look at anything that has to do with it, but you can’t help it because work is your life, and your family.

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