Best Beyonce Hairs 2015

Occasionally, the three Destiny’s Child band-mates will muster the courage to go to a club or a party where they might actually meet a man. “And what do we do but sit there and look depressed the whole time,” Beyonce says. “We look so unhappy and bored, no one is ever going to come up to us. And because of security, nobody can get to us anyway.” So why doesn’t Beyonce let a few people through? “Well, I could say to the security guard, ‘Okay, he can come over,’ but I don’t want to have to tell somebody he can come talk to me. It just feels forced, like I’m out there looking and I picked the one I want. That’s just whacked.”

Another thing that’s whacked, in Beyonce’s opinion, is dieting. Since being cast as Foxxy, she has been on a strict low-carb regimen, trying to get her stomach board-flat for all the skimpy halter tops. “I hate it,” she says, as if the egg rolls and pizza and popcorn shrimp and strawberry cheesecake on the table hadn’t already made that clear.

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