Best Bodybuilding Workout Plan 2015


Recently, I received a letter from a young lady from New York City who had lost weight, but expressed concern about regaining it all after devouring her mother’s soul food inspired Thanksgiving dinner. Back in the day, I also was a big soul food lover. Often, the problem we have is feeling that we need to eliminate all of our favorite foods from our diet.

However, this is not the case. With a few adjustments, anyone can enjoy mama’s great cooking while maintaining a sensible diet. Here are some tips for you to chew on this holiday season:

• Eat on a small plate instead of piling food on a larger one.

• If you decide on the turkey, go for the breast. The meat itself is low in fat, but the skin and gravy are not.

• Pour a small amount of gravy on the corner of your plate and dip your food into it, rather than pouring it all over your food.

• Have the macaroni and cheese, but don’t have the rice or stuffing.

• Eat more of the side vegetables collard greens, green beans and carrots.

• The dessert is the best part, so pick your favorite one and have a small piece. Skip the cornbread and soda so that you can savor this.

• Remember, it’s only one day, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Instead, double your workout the following week.

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