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Something about bohemian style always reminds me of the way little girls play dress up: they like things that float and twirl, they aren’t afraid of color and sparkle, they want to look pretty, be comfortable, and have a good time! Bohemian style is laid-back, comfortable, and most important self-expressive. It is never, never about pouring yourself into the clothes someone else thinks you should wear, whether that someone is your mother, your boss, your boyfriend, or your favorite magazine.

In the United States, we turn to the hippie movement for bohemian style blue jeans, flowers, beads, fringe, peasant blouses, peace, love, and rock ’n’ roll but every society has had its free-spirited outsiders who dress to please themselves instead of conforming. Today there are many variations of bohemian fashion from all over the world, and these continue to evolve as the mainstream greedily incorporates exciting elements of “outsider” style.

Now successful, even bourgeois women have taken to dressing in a bohemian way.

Plenty of designers are happy to oblige them with counterculture-inspired items whose Sally Singer, price tags are right at home wearinga Madison Avenue and Duro Uloivu dress at a friend’s Rodeo Drive. In post-Olsen apartment
in Paris, 2009. twins New York, you can see a grungy young “bag lady” walking down the street only to notice she is carrying a $2,000 handbag. In North London, wealthy young women wear layers and artful tatter seemingly engaged in a posh scarecrow look-alike competition. Classic dressing often provides security for those who desire to look polished, but many women today relish the challenge of putting together a more free-spirited wardrobe.

But we haven’t lost all the bourgeois-bashing bohos. In my neighborhood I see loads of students, artists, and freelancers who don’t live the nine-to-five life, and many of them express themselves through their clothes in a more traditionally rebellious way. They can often look more sloppy than stylish, but every now and then a true old-school bohemian saunters by looking pretty damn good.

Bohemian style suits individualistic, creative, and unconventional lifestyles. You don’t have to be a rebellious person to dress like a bohemian, but this may not be the right weekday look for you if you work in an office with a strict dress code. In a more laid-back workplace or on the weekend, however, anyone can incorporate bohemian elements into her look. And if you work at home or in the arts, why not play dress up every day?

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