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Dr. Atkins Diet Revelation
Too good to be true? Not at all. Simply true. Moreover, repeatedly demonstrable and scientifically unimpeachable. That’s a revelation.
These are the results for better than 90% of the tens of thousands of people under my personal supervision who have adopted the diet explained in this write, and I assume a very large percentage of the millions that have done it on their own. If you’re overweight, this prospect is of such a life altering order of magnitude, that I have no doubt that you feel tempted to regard it as pie in the sky. You’ll soon realize that’s a poor analogy. First, I’ll be taking away your pie, and second, these dietary results far from being somewhere up in the clouds are based on a set of well grounded scientific facts that hardly anybody in the weight loss business is paying attention to right now.

Health Was the Major Goal

I’ve spent twenty five years treating the overweight and yet, significantly, most of my patients during the last fifteen years did not come to me primarily for weight loss. The pounds they shed were a beneficial side effect of usually quite successful treatments for conditions considerably more serious than obesity.
As a doctor, it was their dawning wellness that impressed me. As a potential dieter it will be their newfound slimness that will impress you.
So forgive this chapter’s title, but it fits. And, if the first half of the revelation is in the alluring promise of weight loss, the second half is in the science that backs it up. That science has overwhelming significance for people who have found through hard experience that staying at a desirable weight is not too simple.

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