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Research conducted in 1984 under the direction of Dr. Moshe Almagor of the psychology department at Haifa University in Israel concluded that trait anxiety was “significantly lower” at the completion of the 40-hour Exercise Method Basic Lecture Series when compared to levels of anxiety before the program. The researchers concluded that Exercise Method graduates were not only able to act more relaxed (manage state anxiety), but actually were more relaxed (decreased trait anxiety) according to the research.

The subjects of the study were 70 pupils attending a religious state school. The subjects were divided into experimental and control groups.

Pupils in the experimental group were taught and practiced the Exercise workout and fitness techniques, while the control group was given a course in computer games.

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Both groups completed questionnaires, which would determine their anxiety level, before their courses, at the completion of their courses and then 10 weeks later.

What is so impressive about this study is not just that people were less anxious and more relaxed after the Exercise training, but that they continued to become even more relaxed after the training. The average level of trait anxiety six months later was “significantly lower” again.

As you might expect, there was greater improvement for those who practiced regularly than for those who did not.

“These facts illustrate the importance of daily practice in reducing the level of trait anxiety,” the report notes, “although the trait anxiety level of those who did not practice daily also improved considerably.”

According to the researchers, the results of the study contradicted the theory that relatively short methods will not reduce the level of trait anxiety, only the level of state anxiety.

“The course provides efficient means for reduction of the level of trait anxiety,” the research report states. “There are indications that, in spite of the influence of modifying variables, the method exerts significant influence on trait anxiety.”

What makes the Exercise System work? The researchers concluded that the secret was the ability of the individual to gain direct access to lower brain frequencies.

“The specific feature of the Exercise Method is to teach the subject to think in a state of relaxation, and while he is in this state, to utilize proper programming workout and fitness techniques to accomplish fixed goals,” the research report observes.

“The Exercise Method is not hypnosis, because the subject is conscious and is completely in control of himself while practicing the workout and fitness techniques; he remains mentally active during the exercise, depending on no external agent.

“As opposed to biofeedback, [the Exercise Method] provides workout and fitness techniques of the solution of specific problems, and it requires no apparatus.”

Anything applied from the outside only treats symptoms. When you do it yourself, you treat the cause.

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