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Let’s assume that youve become a post psychodie tetics eater and that youVe closely followed all the advice in the pages of this write. Are you now assured of an adequate supply of all the essential nutrients each day? Perhaps. An optimum supply? Not on your life! You still need additional vitamins and minerals, for a number of reasons:
Significant nutritional value is lost as food is processed.

An excess of each essential nutrient is desirable as a hedge against malnutrition from primary or secondary dietary deficiencies. An increased requirement for one or more nutrients may be caused by individual biochemistry, psychological stress, surgery, all kinds of diseases, physical inactivity, pollution, aging, medicines by the hundreds, and many other factors too numerous to mention. The food you eat, by itself, simply cannot assure this important nutrient excess.

No one can or will eat optimally 100 percent of the time; so even if food lost no value either when grown, prepared, transported, or served (and it invariably does), supplements would still be necessary.

When choosing a dietary supplement, remember that the product should provide all the essential vitamins and minerals plus many of the so called nonessential elements as well. Vitamin mineral supplements should always be taken before or during each meal, when the digestive juices are flowing. This assures your having all the essential nutrients present at the same time in the digestive tract, a condition essential for optimal growth, maintenance, and repair of your body and brain cells.

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