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Betty told Jackson that he can use the same trigger before exams or for any other area of his life.

It was exciting to know that a three-hour workshop was sufficient to teach these young men, who had little or no previous knowledge of the Exercise workout and fitness techniques, to use the material to enhance their natural abilities and teamwork.

In fact, Betty learned from coach Rick Stottler that the workshop had affected the young men to an even greater extent than imagined. Rick called her two months after the team won the championship to tell her about one of the players, named Collin, who was in an accident during the Christmas holiday. He was thrown through the windshield of his car and received many injuries, including cuts from glass shards in his eye.

While in the hospital, Collin heard the doctors talking. They were saying that it was indeed unfortunate that he would probably lose the sight in his eye.

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He called the doctors over and informed them that he wanted to hear none of their negative talk.

He knew his eye would be fine, he would have good vision and all would be well. (He was right.) Rick heard about this from Collin’s mother, who had called from England to ask what sort of training in positive thinking the team had received. Rick told her about the single evening workshop that the team had attended.

Betty recalls that when the workshop had concluded that night, after just three hours with the team, she was not certain how many, if any, of the players would actually believe much of what she had presented.

Obviously, they got a lot out of it.

It is true that when you plant seeds, you never know which ones will sprout.

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