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Eye Lines

I’ve given you my feelings about eye makeup along with other makeups in the section on “Fresh Paint.” I will again stress that you should take care and more care when it comes to eye makeup. Beware of those foreign-produced eyedrops, for example. Beware of any eyedrops unless they are okayed by your eye doctor. Just generally beware of anything you are going to put close to those precious eyes of yours.

Generally, cosmetics in this country are rather rigidly tested fbr safety’s sake. Unless you have an allergy all your own, you are pretty safe with them. But be careful of picking up goodies in other countries. Kohl, for example one of the oldest eyeliners around and still in use in India and other far-Eastern countries is made from a deadly poison. Leave it to the Indians to worry about their eyesight. You just take care of your own.

As for your lashes: in case you decided to use an eyelash curler, remember one thing. Always use it before you use mascara. Otherwise you stand a pretty good chance of pulling out those lashes when the mascara glues itself to the curler.

As for false eyelashes, watch that glue. I once had some applied for an elegant dinner dance by one of our most famous beauty experts. A drop of that eyelash glue fell into my eye, and, while it burned like anything, that too passed, and I gave it no more thought. Until later, when I looked in a mirror and saw a crater-like depression in my eyeball. I rushed to an eye clinic (it was Friday afternoon, wouldn’t you know? with no New York doctor to be found) only to be told that I had a serious condition of the retina. Needless to say, I was frightened to death. Later (on Monday) my own eye doctor assured me that it was nothing more than irritation from the glue. Still, if glue can do all that, I’d be careful. I don’t like false eyelashes anyway. Oil your own with wheat germ. That should help them grow long and lustrous on their own. Natural is always more beautiful.

As for eyebrows, you can do anything with them you like. But if you pluck them all out over an extended period of time, don’t expect them to grow back. Many a twenties flapper found that out, to her distress. Eyebrows don’t do much for eye health (I’ve checked) but are mostly there, as are eyelashes, to help protect the eye. As for how you want to paint them up make it red, yellow, green. I don’t care, as long as you’re happy.

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