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A Soft Touch

One thing about skin. You have to treat it to a tender touch or it will bite back with blemishes and those broken veins I just spoke about and wrinkles and other things you’re learning how to avoid. What I am going to tell you now, you surely already know, but I will tell you again anyway for your skin’s sake.

When you apply cream (if any you need apply) under your eyes or vitamin E, or foundation, or whatever you’re putting there do it with the lightest possible touch. And with the tips of your fingers only and pat, do not rub. For rubbing can pull and stretch the skin below your eyes, which is exactly where you do not want it stretched. Stretching here leads to sags and bags and we will avoid those for as long as life lets us.

Miss Gabrielle of the Laszlo Institute watched me apply a bit of cream under my eyes one day and she caught me, quite unintentionally, pulling rather than patting. Here again was a hand in motion without my realizing the destructive motion it was making. So watch it and make sure that you never rub a thing under your eyes. Just ever, ever so lightly touch it on.

As for washcloths, I think you can forget them forever for your face. Your hands are the only touch that’s light enough for your delicate complexion. And everyone’s complexion is delicate, in one way or another. Washcloths can’t touch the touch of your hands, the same hands that have gotten themselves in shape with your wash-ups. The acid-balanced theory works on hands and nails just as it does on skin. Why wouldn’t it? They’re all made of the same thing.


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