The Best Fitness Trackers of 2017

MISFIT SHINE PERSONAL PHYSICAL ACTIVITY MONITOR, R1180 Why it’s special Futuristic, sleek and compact, Misfit Shine can be used as a watch, clipped on your waist or worn as a necklace. It tracks steps and distance, kilojoules burned, sleep quality and duration – with no need to charge its battery. It’s waterproof so it can accompany you into the water, and you don’t need to stress if it takes an accidental tumble in the washing machine.

SONY SMARTBAND SWR10, R635 Why it’s special Perfect for fitness-tracker beginners, this device is sleek and light, is easy to set up and comes with an app that’s packed with different features. Also useful is that its battery life won’t disappoint you and you’re not restricted to Sony smartphones.

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Why it’s special Having been the first device to offer built-in heart-rate measurements, Withings Pulse O2 is now the first to be able to monitor blood-oxygen levels at rest, during or after your physical activity. There’s more. It tracks sleep and counts steps, and its battery lasts for two weeks. We approve

FITBIT FLEX, R1399 Why it’s special Considered the sweat-tested-and-approved band, the Fitbit Flex is a winner for its accuracy, comfort and usability. The lights on the band notify you how close you are to your daily step-count goal – how’s that for motivation?

SAMSUNG GEAR FIT FITNESS TRACKER, R2299 Why it’s special This tracker gives you workout recommendations and personalised advice. In addition, its screen keeps you connected and up to date with emails, incoming calls and message notifications at all times (for Galaxy smartphone owners only).

JAWBONE UP24 FITNESS WRISTBAND TRACKER, R1700 Why it’s special The UP24 tracks your physical activity and sleep, and offers fancy features such as an ‘idle alert’ (a gentle vibration that notifies you when you’ve been sitting for an extended period). The biggest improvement over the previous version is a Bluetooth Smart syncing feature – your data will be exchanged in real time without draining the battery of your smartphone. £

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