Best Hair Care Products 2015

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 Brunette hair care coffee talk.
 Who says blondes have all the fun? The best new hair products-from shampoo to shine spray-are designed for brunettes only.
 From Julia and Catherine to Natalie and Demi, brunettes are staging a serious comeback. “Brown hair is so underrated!” says head colorist Brad Johns, artistic director of Manhattan’s Avon Salon & Spa. “Brunettes smolder they deserve just as much attention as blondes.” Indeed, when John Frieda decided to follow up his blockbuster Sheer Blonde range of hair care with a line for dark hair, he did it partially out of self-preservation: The brunettes he knew were envious. Designed for women with or without colored hair, Frieda’s new Brilliant Brunette line includes products ranging from shampoo and conditioner to straightening balm and finishing cream. 
While color-boosting products from ubersalons like Frederic Fekkai and Bumble and Bumble deposit semipermanent vegetable dyes in order to amp up richness and tone, Frieda’s simply add shine. “Brown hair gets dull because it loses luster,” says Frieda’s creative consultant, stylist Richard Marin, who has worked with such boldfaced brunettes as Jennifer Connelly, Salma Hayek, and Brooke Shields. 
Using the same principles as radiance-boosting skin care (which works by scattering light), innovative ingredients like crushed pearls bring out the rich, multidimensional spectrum of brown shades, from chestnut and coffee to maple and amber. Will the products be a hit? “Sixty percent of women have brown hair, so you do the math,” laughs Marin.

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