Best Hairstyles For Pisces

PISCES 20 February – 20 March

You may find it hard to differentiate between day and night – life seems to have been such a blur since you received some life-changing news. But the world is your oyster this month, so make the most of it.

Friends: You’re scared about what this month may bring your way, but don’t be. The stars are behind you, and Jupiter and Saturn will give you success and structure, so think big.

Men: You’ve been hurt badly recently, but you’ll come out of this relationship a bigger and better person. The respect you’ll now gain is sure to be worth the pain you’ve endured.

Work: Group plans work well and new people who at first seem intimidating could, in fact, turn out to be perfect working partners for the new path your career is set to take.

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Best Hairstyles For Pisces

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