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Historical Beauty;

Hepburn’s makeup changed quite a bit between the fifties and sixties. In the fifties, her brows were very thick and dramatically penciled in, and she mainly wore red lipstick. In the sixties, although her eye makeup stayed pretty much the same in her signature doe-eyed style, her brows were much lighter and she wore a very soft peachy-pink shade of lipstick, as was typical of the time. In 1988, she became a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. She was passionately devoted to her cause, visiting over twenty countries in order to spread awareness of poverty. She was particularly interested in helping children and founded Audrey Hepburn’s Children’s Fund, which is still providing funding to support healthcare and education for children. Section Two The Business Of Beauty While beauty concerns have been present since the earliest human civilizations, it is only in recent history that the business of cosmetics has evolved into the immense industry we recognize today. Women’s magazines, which appear commonplace now, are actually a fairly recent creation, not unlike the commercial beauty industry itself. These days we are surrounded by imagery. Whether we are looking through a magazine, watching TV, browsing our phones, or walking down the street, images are impossible to avoid. We’ve already seen that the motives and desires behind makeup use in the West and Far East remained pretty static for a thousand years; what created and accelerated a massive change was the birth of print media, broadcast, and the consumer society.

Best makeup for contouring

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