Best natural weight loss product

Chroma Slim contains three of the most powerful patented fat burning ingredients available:

– Chromium promotes the efficient function of insulin, which is vital for the metabolism. It aids oxidization (burning fat and converting amino acids into muscle). Chromium is deficient in 9 out of 10 Americans’ diets.

– L-Camitine is a unique amino acid that is essential for transferring fats into cells where they are burned and converted into energy.

– Lipotropics help break down fatty deposits in the body.

If you’re like millions of dieters who struggle to lose weight, only to regain it a few weeks later, it’s time to break the cycle with Chroma Slim, America’s best selling natural weight loss product. Chroma Slim contains no caffeine or chemical stimulants, just clinically proven ingredients that help reduce body fat, stimulate metabolism, increase lean muscle tissue, convert stored body fat to energy and control hunger. Available at GNC,

K-mart, Walgreens, Payless, Thrifty, Savon, Osco, Eckerds, Perry, Arbor Drug, Meijer and other drug and grocery stores, or to place an order by phone call 1-800-241-9111, ext. 359.

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