Best New Diets for Summer 2015

Remember that I have said that fat is essential on any diet. It is essential to your well-being. It is especially essential to your beauty. But also remember that Atkins said “judicious quantities.” As far as I can see, it makes little difference. The Eskimos don’t seem to put a limit on their intake of animal fat; and no one has yet proved that such a diet has harmed them. To the contrary if we Americans were as healthy as the Eskimos before the American diet and civilization’s diseases got to them we wouldn’t be writing beauty blogs on obesity. For, apparently, those calories don’t count as long as there are very few carbohydrates involved.

The way I see it, from a reporter’s vantage point, is that the fat causes the protein (or fuel) to burn. Then, when there is no more fuel to burn, the body turns to its own available fuel, which is your own body fat. And, of course, it goes first to the spot where the fat exists in overabundance namely, those blobs of unattractive fat that are sitting where you don’t want them. That, as far as I am concerned, is the beauty of this sort of dieting. For I, among many, want to lose weight where I want to lose it. I don’t want to end up with a haggard face and stringy neck and sunken bosom. According to one of our other low-carbohydrate diet-espousers, Dr. Ernst Reinsh, “the process induced by the ingestion of fats proceeds at a measured rate which permits the skin to shrink and fit the smaller, firmer body. The patient is not left with the appearance of having recently recovered from some debilitating illness.”

It proceeds at a measured rate, all right. So measured, in fact, that by the time I was through and yes, I finally made my desired weight I had driven Dr. Atkins half mad with screams of “Why doesn’t it work faster?” It doesn’t, and that’s probably the reason for its beauty-making success in reshape.


Reshape it does. My own shape changed radically. I wasn’t once called “Cello-Shape” for nothing. Fate gave me tiny shoulders and rib cage, and hips that get all the fat there is to have. Body fat, I mean. Soon, dramatically, all that changed. I still had my bosom, and my neck wasn’t stringy, and my face wasn’t drawn, but my too-large hips had disappeared, and so had the fat on my thighs. And that, my friends, is one large accomplishment.

Now I was asked, often, whether I wasn’t afraid I was building up to a cholesterol-induced heart attack. I wasn’t afraid. I am simply a disbeliever in the whole cholesterol scare. But, and please get this point clearly, that is just my ‘personal belief. There are plenty of things I am not afraid of. Such as cranberries during the cranberry scare. And cyclamates. Lots of things that perhaps I ought to fear, but don’t. When you live in New York City, you tend to be much more fearful of the tangible threats like mugging or big-city traffic. So, if you wish^ just chalk up that non-fear to a personal quirk of mine. And, if yoft go on this diet, have your own doctor check your cholesterol level.

Finally, being driven to it by the constant warnings of my friends, I had my internist do a cholesterol check on me. Before he did it, wise man that he is, he told me that, in his experience (and believe me, his experience is vast), a high-protein-low-carbohydrate diet induced lowered cholesterol levels in the blood.

We checked. And, of course, my cholesterol level came up inordinately low. Lower than average, in fact.

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