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Hinkey Haines

Hinkey Haines was the first star back of the Giants; he joined the team at its inception in 1925. He was a speedy all-around back who called signals, ran the ball, caught passes, returned kicks, threw an occasional pass, and played defense. After graduating from Penn State, Haines was signed by the Yankees to play pro baseball and even appeared in the 1923 World

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Series. He was the first athlete to play for championship teams in both Major League Baseball and the NFL. Coincidentally, Haines’s target on the fake punt, Chuck Corgan, also played in the major leagues.

As the Giants’ first star, he inspired this bit of devoted doggerel from an anonymous sportswriter in 1926: Oh Hinkey Haines, Oh Hinkey Haines! The New York Giants’ football brains. He never loses, always gains. Oh Hinkey Haines, Oh Hinkey Haines!

Haines scored twice in the Giants’ very first victory in 1925, one of which was the very first touchdown pass in Giants history. After the victory over the Bears, the Giants still had two games left in the season, both against Red Grange’s New York Yankees. The Giants won each game by shutout, and Haines returned a kickoff 75 yards for a touchdown in the first and uncorked a 60-yard touchdown gallop in the second.

After he retired, Haines spent 20 years as an NFL referee. Steve Owen named him to his personal All-Time Giants team in 1952.

Hinkey Haines trick play led the Giants to a grueling victory over the Bears in 1927.

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