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Newman’s passes to Dale Burnett, Kink Richards, and Max Krause brought New York to the Chicago 1-yard line. Krause punched it in from there to put the Giants in the lead again, 14-9.

On their next possession, the Bears used a trick play of their own. George Corbett faked a punt and instead threw a pass to quarterback Carl Brumbaugh; the play traveled 67 yards to the Giants’ 8. From there, Nagurski threw a jump pass to Bill Karr for the touchdown and a 16-14 lead at the end of three quarters.

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The Giants continued passing and got to the Bears’ 8, where a broken play produced another touchdown and lead change. Ken Strong took a handoff from Newman and tried to head around the left end. Seeing nothing but Bear defenders, Strong improvised and tossed the ball back to a surprised Newman. As the Bears charged for Newman, Strong drifted into the end zone, where the retreating Newman spotted him and hit him for a touchdown in an unplanned flea flicker.

Trailing in the closing minutes of the game, Chicago got the ball in great field position after a poor punt by Strong. After a couple of runs, Nagurski tried another jump pass and completed it to Bill Hewitt, who then lateraled the ball to a trailing Bill Karr at the 19. Karr went in for

The strange thing was that the lowly Philadelphia Eagles had utilized the very same hook-and-lateral play for a touchdown against the Giants just one week before. New York should have been prepared for it.

The Giants still had time left for two plays, and they tried two more tricks. On the first, they lined up as they had for Hein’s earlier hidden-ball play. However, this time Newman took the snap and pitched out to Dale Burnett.

As the Bears pursued Burnett, Hein sped downfield as a wide-open receiver, but Burnett was quickly swarmed over and his weak pass was batted down. On the final play, New York tried their own hook-and-lateral play, but the Bears’ Red Grange wrapped up receiver Red Badgro so that he was unable to lateral the ball to the trailing Burnett. The game was over; the Bears were champions, but the Giants could hold their heads high and plan for a better outcome next year.

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