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Part of our natural, basic human makeup means that we tend to store fat. In fact, this is something that has been with us for many thousands of years as it was probably a survival mechanism to get over the times when our ancient forebears were short of food.

Given that it is only in recent times that food has become so abundantly plentiful (at least for those of us who live in the West), we have never really lost the capacity for storing unused energy as body fat.

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It is a little like animals that hibernate for the winter. They build up a huge store of unused energy during the summer that is sufficient to keep their inactive body ‘ticking over’ during the winter months when they are hibernating.

You cannot change, nor can you ignore, thousands of years of evolution. The fact is, modern Western man (and woman) has no real need to store unused energy in the way that our prehistoric forebears did, but you are going to continue doing so despite this.

So, if you are taking on too much energy, you are going to get fat, there is no avoiding this. You therefore need to know an awful lot more about why it happens if you want to tackle your problem entirely naturally.

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