Best Products For Your Lips


This treatment involves the transfer of fat taken from your own body (usually around the buttock area) to your lips. The fat is removed, curled up and slid through a tunnel hollowed out of the upper lip. It can leave a scar at the site where the graft was taken, but it causes no adverse reactions and is reabsorbed by the body after about a year.


Good alternatives for those who are allergic to collagen, these gels have the same chemical structure as enzymes that are found naturally in the skin, so they do not usually cause adverse reactions. The results last for about a year.


Until recently Gore-Tex was most familiar from its employment in weatherproof hiking gear. Now also used by cosmetic surgeons, Gore-Tex is threaded through the lip line. It can often be felt by the patient well after treatment though reportedly not by anybody kissing them. Because the strip of Gore-Tex gradually becomes surrounded by scar tissue, it can plump up the lips by as much as 60 per cent. Downsides are similar to those of silicone: if infection sets in, the Gore-Tex has to be cut out, which can be disfiguring and distressing.

Best Products For Your Lips

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