Best Quick Self Tanning Gel

Fast Dry Self-Tanning Gel from Lancome, Paris

Are you ready for the self-tan that dries faster than you can decide what to wear?… a cool, clear gel that absorbs in three minutes?… a light, fresh formula with plant extracts that keeps skin soft, supple and glowing? Then you’re ready for the new Fast Dry Self-Tanning Gel from Lancome, Paris.

Or maybe you prefer the convenience of a spray application. Lancome s Fast-Act ion Self-Tanning Spray is non-streaking, non-greasy and dries in less than five minutes.

Whichever you choose, you 11 experience a tan that’s rich, even and long-lasting. The kind you used to spend days out in the sun for. Why not stop by the Lancome counter to see which one is ready to meet your needs?

Fast Dry Self-Tanning Gel from Lancome Paris

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