Best Quick Weight Loss Tips

Best Quick Weight Loss Tips

Remember, this is one section to a chapter of the blog. It is not meant to be the whole program but is the philosophy and strategy of losing weight with the 213-Diet. Understanding this material gives the person an important understanding of how to lose weight. Though the 213-Diet is recommended to read and follow, one can choose an alternate path using this philosophy to guide their strategy. I have included extra content from the 213-Diet to ensure completeness of this “Addendum One” text.

As I continue the efforts of the 213-Diet, I face more challenges, experiments, and monitoring to better understand the difference and movement between the visceral fat and fatty liver, and subcutaneous fat. Extremely technical blogs on subjects of physiology and fat fail to give a clear explanation of the flow of fat and sugars from the intestines to the various cells throughout the body. To me this is critical to creating a true science based diet. Much of what I can find is pseudo-science.

All information and tools presented within this diet are intended for educational purposes. Any health, diet or exercise advice is not intended as medical diagnosis or treatment. If you think you have any type of medical condition, you must seek professional advice even if you believe it may be due to diet, food or exercise. I am not a medical doctor and provide no diagnosis or medical advice. The contents should never be considered as such.

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213-Diet was established to provide good, practical information to help healthy adults in their weight loss efforts. This program is not intended for people under 18 years of age, pregnant, breast-feeding women, underweight individuals or people with eating disorders or any health condition that requires a special diet. I do not guarantee that the information will be completely accurate. Therefore, the author, editor and or publisher cannot and will not be held responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies published. It is advised to check information provided within this blog with professional sources.

The author disclaims all liability or loss in conjunction with any content provided here. I disclaim any liability for products or services recommended within this blog, including inability to use the materials/information provided.

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