Best Style For Capricorn

CAPRICORN 22 December – 20 January

You have so many people wanting a piece of you, you rarely have a moment to yourself. Make yourself a new schedule before you burn out. After all, if you don’t put yourself first, why should others?

Friends: You need to boost your self-esteem, so use this month to visit an old friend who can tell you nice things about yourself.

Men: You’ve really had your confidence shaken, haven’t you, Capricorn? But you were worth 20 of him – and revenge comes through chance encounters on the 19th. Work: Just when you least expect it, people you’ve grown to love decide to up and leave. You may be upset, but there are others who’ll take their place, in time.

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Monthly forecast 0906 361 6949**

Best Style For Capricorn

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