Best Tips For Weight Loss

Best Tips For Weight Loss

Pyramid relationship – Toxins and Manmade Alterations

Toxins are the root of obesity and many health problems. The primary concerns under this topic are the products we consume that interfere with proper digestion, interfere with proper function of organs, damages various organs, alters the metabolism, creates a habitual desire or need for, reduces mental strength, or alters the normal functions of hormones and enzymes. For better health and losing weight, it should be a priority to limit or remove these substances from our lifestyle.

The digestive system starts within the mouth and the mouth plays an important part of what we eat, how much we consume, and how well the food is properly digested. The Global Industries know this and use it to their benefit for profits. The use of salad dressing, barbeque sauce, steak sauce, MSG, are examples of foods that cause a person to swallow food prematurely without breaking it down through chewing and saliva. We engulf food without actually enjoying the food but the substances.

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Many substances are easily absorbed but are harder and slower for the body to process for use and cause a decrease in the effectiveness of various organs. Some substances alter the normal process of the body, causing imbalance and often a need to eat even when the body is actually full. Such substances include fructose sugars, alcohol, caffeine, Theobromine artificial sweeteners, MSG, non-table-salt sodium (potassium and sodium misbalance between chlorine), and many more.

Some substances interfere with proper sleep. Some substances interfere with proper oxygen utilization. Some substances interfere with proper mineral and vitamin balance. Some substances interfere with mental stability. Some substances interfere with alertness and motivation. Some substances alter or interfere with the proper operations of enzymes and hormones. Some human-extracted and altered substances cause for easy uptake of supposedly good nutrients into the body bypassing the original design that allowed control of what the digestive system allowed as used instead of excreted as extra (oils and sugars). Other concerns are legal and illegal drugs.

Any oil that has been hydrogenated is BAD! Partially hydrogenated oils have been proven beyond question to cause obesity and health issues. This includes canola, peanut, palm, soybean, etc…

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