Best way to lose weight at the gym

Hydrogenated fat is the result of a chemical process by which liquid fats are hardened with hydrogen. This produces an unnaturally saturated fat which the body is not able to cope with successfully and disturbs cholesterol metabolism.
The only peanut butter, by the way, that does not contain hydrogenated oils will say so on the label. The new liquid margarines have a lower degree of hydrogenation and are therefore more unsaturated and preferable.

Most commercial baked goods, both sweetened and unsweetened, contain hydrogenated fat. Since they are usually made with sugar and white flour as well, you have a threefold reason for eliminating them from your diet.

Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite. These additives are used to cure, color, preserve, and flavor many meat products. They are frequently found in ham, bacon, sausage, canned and sliced luncheon meats, corned beef, salami, bologna, most frankfurters, liver wurst, and smoked fish.

Nitrates and nitrites can combine with other chemicals in your body or in these meats to form nitros amines, which, in very small amounts, can contribute to cancer. They also cause indigestion, which can in turn lead to mental problems. Consumer pressure has inspired some meat processors to eliminate these dangerous chemicals from their products. Reading labels will enable you to select foods free of nitrates and nitrites.

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