Best way to lose weight fast for men

Sugar. Much harmful sugar is consumed unknowingly. Check labels carefully on the products you buy. Select unsweetened varieties when you have a choice. Refrain from using table sugar and from adding it to home cooked foods. Popular foods with substantial sugar content include:

Omitted from this table prepared by the American Dental Association are the sweetened, precooked breakfast cereals, sweetened fruit juices, and sweetened breakfast drinks. Avoid them!

White Flour. Restrict your intake, as much as possible, of baked goods made from white flour: white bread, saltine and other crackers, rolls, buns, noodles, macaroni, spaghetti, and sweetened baked goods.

Don’t let the label “enriched flour” fool you. Remember, of the twenty odd different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids removed during the transformation of wheat into white flour, only four are put back. And even if all of them were replaced, there would still be an undetermined nutrient loss since all the essential substances have not as yet been identified. In one experiment, a biochemist took a natural bran product, carefully removed all of the known nutrients, then fed the supposedly worthless residue to a group of laboratory rats in addition to their regular diet. The rats thrived, compared to a control group not given the “worthless” supplement!

Hydrogenated Fat. Hydrogenated (hardened or saturated) vegetable oils such as oleomargarine, peanut butter containing hydrogenated oil, solid cooking fat made from vegetable oil, and coffee whiteners should be eliminated, as much as possible, from your diet.

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