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At this point in the diet, you’re simply looking to have what it takes to stabilize your blood sugar and avoid hunger. Make sure, if you’re bringing your own food, you have enough food with you. Don’t allow for even the slim chance that you might be hungry enough to turn to the carbohydrates.

More information about doing the diet with your family and in the outside world can be found in Chapter 23.

Once the diet begins to become a habit, you won’t have to think about eating the right foods, because you really won’t think about eating any other way.

Cynthia Marlborough, who for many years was executive secretary to one of the top corporate chairmen in New York, had battled mood swings and fatigue for years when she first came to see me. Cynthia, a chocaholic, had recently quit smoking.

“I had been overweight since I was a child; I can remember dieting when I was twelve but this was different The weight was really piling on. And worse yet, it was a tense, stressed out time at work. It got so I didn’t know how I could handle the pressure and my poor physical state simultaneously. This actually began to depress me to a degree that people noticed. After lunch, I could have slept for hours. Instead I had to work through the fatigue. My job, which is one of the central things in my life, was just becoming torture.”

Yet Cynthia Marlborough easily lost weight, cured her sugar cravings (it was a lot easier than quitting smoking), and went from a size 16 dress to a size 6 in less than six months. She also acquired an uncanny sensitivity to the foods she was eating. Two weeks into the diet, she had dinner at a girlfriend’s house. She found herself eating some sliced filet mignon, a green salad, and a helping of horseradish.

“As soon as I ate the horseradish, I knew something was wrong, and I stopped and asked my friend if there was sugar in it. She said there was, and, of course, I didn’t eat another bite of that. By that time I had a lot more energy, and I’d lost seven pounds, and I’d already become very careful what I put into my mouth.’

This sensitivity to the taste of sweets is not uncommon among people who are curing themselves of sugar addictions. It’s a good, protective sensitivity that will help you out in some of the situations I described above. Sugars and refined carbohydrates have gotten you into a bad physical pickle, so be wary of them.

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