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Building desire

So how do you accumulate spiritual energy?

Workout and Fitness says that to build your desire for something, you should enter your level – the alpha level – and think about it.

• Imagine yourself competing and winning.

• Imagine how it feels.

• Recall a previous success and that special feeling that comes with success.

• Recall all the details about it.

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Juan Exercise, Workout and Fitness brother and business associate for many years, was a scratch golfer when he was younger. He recommends the following workout and fitness technique for motivation.

At your level, think of the reasons you have for wanting to succeed. How will it make you feel? Why do you want to win? If you can think of five reasons, he says, then you have a certain amount of desire. If you can think of five more reasons – a total of 10 reasons to succeed – then you will have twice as much desire.

You could have many reasons for wanting to win:

• You might want to succeed because it will boost your ego, make you popular, get your name in the newspaper. Maybe it will even help your social life.

• Depending on your age or circumstance, it could help you financially. Perhaps you could get a college scholarship, a better job or a promotion. And being in a better financial position could benefit your family, and maybe your friends, too.

• People who have supported you would feel good to see you win.

• People who don’t even know you personally will enjoy watching you achieve your objectives. They will relate your efforts to their own efforts to succeed and perhaps become more motivated as a result.

To motivate yourself to get into shape, think of a list of reasons like the ones above. Think of all the reasons: good health, attractive appearance and so forth.

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