BETH OSTROSKY … SUPERMODEL … TV AND MOVIE ACTOR I would like to deny the statement that I think basketball is a matter of life and death. I feel it’s much more important than that. LEE ROSE, University of North Carolina at Charlotte basketball coach 174 IT’S HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME Iwas captain of the Fox Chapel High basketball team in high school. I had many college scholarship offers, but instead I decided to capitalize on my modeling career, which was just beginning to take off at the time. I’m happy with my decision because I am still modeling today and I know I would not still be playing basketball.

THE BLOODY MOMENT We were not the best team, but we worked hard. As the power forward, I felt like a lot of the scoring was on my shoulders. I will never forget going up against the first-place team. I was matched up with this 6’2″ German exchange student. She was probably the best-known player in the state. Well, I went up for a jumper and she elbowed me in the face and my two front teeth fell out of my head. Blood was pouring out of my mouth and I was in shock. My dad was at the game and he happened to be an oral surgeon. He came out of the stands, picked up my teeth, pulled my head back, stuck them back in, and squeezed the bone together in the roof of my mouth. I looked at him, he looked at me, I nodded, and I went back into the game. We lost by twenty points, but I never felt so good.

Keep in mind that she was just beginning a modeling career, and there’s not much call for toothless cover girls. It hurt like hell and I swallowed a gallon of blood, but I kept my tongue against my teeth to set them in place. What’s great about this story is that my teeth roots caught and they are actually as they were originally, even today. Of course, through it all, I still remember my mom crying. I thought it was for my welfare, but it was actually because she saw my modeling career pass before her eyes. WHAT I GOT FROM HOOPS I model like an athlete, meaning I treat the modeling business as I did team sports. I show up on time.

I show up sick. I stay late. It’s just in my blood from my days on the court. Today, I train hard and I never worry about a nail breaking or a finger fracturing. I just go after it. Basketball BETH OSTROSKY 175 and sports are in my blood. As soon as I could walk, my dad had a ball in my hands. Knowing my family was in the stands meant everything to me. I feel so sad for people who were not in organized sports because your whole sense of self comes from sports in almost everyone I know. Howard (Stern, her boyfriend) never played organized sports, and it kills me because he would have been a great teammate.

If you watch his show and see how he interacts with his staff, you’ll see that he’s just a natural captain, even if he was not a natural athlete. HOW BETH PLAYS THE GAME I played with my heart and soul and I always played and practiced hard, even practicing on my own. My days in sports, especially that game where I lost my teeth, gave my dad that twinkle in his eye, and I would not trade them for anything in my life. MY WRAP This story is almost incomparable. The career she chose, despite her obvious good looks and poise, is absolutely brutal. It’s hard to imagine her days in sports not helping her break through as she has. By the way, when she gets on Leno or Letterman, she plans on telling the same story she just shared. So next time you see her on camera or in person, stare at her teeth.



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